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Pioneering the Future of Neurology: Bridging Research and Care with Digital Innovation
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Accelerate Innovation of Clinical Research and Care in Neurology

  • We aim to revolutionize the landscape of neurological disorders with groundbreaking research and personalized treatments.
  • Our commitment is to harness the power of innovative digital technologies to redefine neurology care.
  • As visionary leaders, we aspire to set new benchmarks in neurology research and clinical services.
  • We're dedicated to pioneering novel clinical trial designs, enhancing care delivery and patient outcomes.

MERGE: Clinical Trials & Healthcare Solution

Our Medotrax Electronic Research Gateway for Enhanced care (MERGE), including the Medotrax Imaging Connectivity Suite (MICS), is a pioneering platform that flawlessly merges cutting-edge digital cognitive and behavioral assessments, imaging repository, and efficient study data management. Our comprehensive solution delivers unmatched efficiency for the delivery of clinical trials and patient care in neurology.

Discover the Core of Innovation with Medotrax's MERGE Platform

  • Seamless Data Journey:

    Dive into an ecosystem where data collection, management, and analysis are not just tasks but a symphony of precision. Our advanced tools are designed to handle complex data with ease, ensuring that every insight is a step towards groundbreaking discoveries.

  • Intuitive User Experience:

    Navigate with simplicity and clarity. Our user-friendly interface is crafted to transform intricate processes into intuitive experiences, making it accessible for users of all technical backgrounds.

  • Uncompromised Data Security:

    In an era where data is invaluable, we uphold the highest standards of security. Your data's integrity and confidentiality are our utmost priority. Our robust measures ensure that every piece of information is protected like a fortress.

  • GDPR: A Promise of Privacy:

    Respecting data privacy is not just a policy; it's our principle. Our platform is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), assuring that every byte of data is treated with the respect and privacy it deserves.

Experience the MERGE platform — where technology meets trust, and data leads to discoveries.

Introducing MICS: Medotrax Imaging Connectivity Suite

  • Unified Cloud Repository:

    Embrace simplicity with our intuitive web portal, designed for straightforward DICOM imaging data uploads. MICS provides the highest level of data security through encrypted data transfers and storage, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected.

  • Integrated Diagnostic System:

    Navigate medical imaging complexities with MICS's integrated diagnostic system. Utilize established scoring systems like the Medial Temporal Lobe Atrophy (MTA) scale and the Fazekas Scale for consistent Alzheimer's disease diagnoses and vascular load assessments.

  • Advanced Automated Quality Control:

    Elevate your data quality standards with MICS's advanced automated quality control features. Access critical metrics such as Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Contrast-to-Noise Ratio, and Artifact Detection, enabling your institution to maintain and monitor exceptional imaging quality.

  • Innovative AI Analytical Tools:

    Advance with MICS's AI-supported quantification methods, including cutting-edge volumetry. Harness the power of AI technology to enhance diagnostic precision and reliability in imaging analysis.

  • Collaborative Research Network:

    Join a worldwide network of researchers with MICS's exclusive research collaboration API. Share and investigate anonymized, de-identified imaging and clinical data, contributing to global scientific advancement while strictly adhering to data privacy and ethical guidelines.

MICS is more than a suite; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to meet and surpass the contemporary demands of medical imaging. By adopting MICS, you're not just choosing a tool; you're embracing a future where advanced technology and healthcare converge for the betterment of patient outcomes. Discover MICS today and revolutionize your approach to imaging data management.

Beyond Data Capture: Advancing Neurological Care

  • Advanced Neurological Assessments:

    Utilizing sophisticated digital cognitive tests, MERGE ensures precise evaluations and offers near-instant analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Gamified Experience:

    Our cognitive tests are gamified and clinically validated, providing an engaging and reliable assessment experience.

  • Inclusive and Accessible:

    Our goal is to make digital assessments more accessible and inclusive for people with cognitive, motor or behavioral difficulties.

  • Language-Independent Testing:

    We offer language-independent testing, ensuring that language barriers do not impede accurate assessments.

  • Comprehensive Cognitive Assessments:

    Medotrax MERGE covers all relevant cognitive domains, ensuring comprehensive and accurate assessments.

Medotrax' MERGE is a pioneering platform that flawlessly merges cutting-edge digital cognitive and behavioral assessments with efficient study data management. Our comprehensive solution delivers unmatched efficiency for the delivery of clinical trials and patient care in neurology.

Enhancing Neurological Insights

  • Vision-Friendly Design:

    Our surveys are optimized for users with vision impairment, featuring enhanced visibility and intuitive navigation.

  • Surveys in Multiple Languages:

    We offer surveys in various languages, ensuring that our platform is accessible to a global user base.

  • Comprehensive & Adaptable:

    Medotrax Merge covers all standard survey assessments and is easily adaptable to individual solutions.

Medotrax MERGE is at the forefront of making clinical assessments more inclusive and accessible. Our surveys are meticulously designed to cater to elderly users, prioritizing ease of use even for those with possible vision impairments.

Medotrax: Pioneering Innovation in Clinical Neurology

Clinical Research and Care

Proven Excellence in Clinical Research and Care

With a strong track record in clinical neurology and neuroscience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the design and execution of large-scale clinical studies and improving medical care. Our solutions are crafted with a focus on patient benefit, reflecting our commitment to improving lives.

Our advanced data analytics offer critical insights that guide decision-making, excelling in the analysis of complex datasets. We ensure participant well-being through effective monitoring strategies, aiming to develop digital tools that boost engagement and adherence, while minimizing the risk of adverse events.

Biomarker Development

Harnessing Advanced Algorithms for Biomarker Development

We analyze complex clinical data to support biomarker development using our expertise in advanced data-driven algorithms. This includes multi-modal data analysis employing sophisticated statistical techniques to reveal patterns and correlations that may not be evident through conventional analysis methods.

Leveraging the power of data, we expedite the discovery of novel biomarkers, aiming to make a significant contribution to the advancement of treatments for neurological diseases.

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Advancing Neurology Diagnosis and Cognitive Insight for a Brighter Tomorrow.

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